These are just a few of the plants and flowers that I have grown in my garden or seen whilst out and about over the last year or so. You can see a larger version of each image and my comments by clicking on the photo.


Nothing compares to a fresh sunny spring morning when the warmth of the sun first hits your face and your garden emerges from its winter slumber!

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So much to enjoy in the garden as the garden really warms up. And with the summer season now lasting for so long, many flowers now flower well into the autumn.

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‘Is it still summer?’ I have never known it so mild! It’s always a bit warmer than the rest of the UK here in London, but with temperatures regularly in the high teens, the garden didn’t know if it was coming or going! The autumn colours were spectacular and a trip to RHS Wisley in Surrey for the Apple Festival was a great way to enjoy the autumn season.

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There is so much to enjoy in the garden during the winter months. Here are just a few of my favourite winter delights.

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Narcissus - Distinctive Gardener

These Narcissi had been grow in a plastic pot and just plopped into a terracotta pot.I have planted loads of daffodils and tulips in plastic pots this year and it makes it easy to plant them where you want in borders and pots nearer to flowering time. It also stops them being dug up out of the ground by the pair of squirrels who live in our pine tree!