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A Border through the Seasons

Before the terrace was built, it was an area dominated by a number of very old and leggy shrubs. When I designed the terrace, I wanted there to be a small bed that would run along the edge of the semi circular wall.

I filled the narrow bed with a good mix of John Innes No 3 Compost together with some well-rotted manure. My first batch of planting included Foxgloves, Poppies, Fennel, Santalina, Heathers, Cotton Lavenders and Lychnis.

I completed the planting by putting a thick layer of stone chippings around the plants. This was to prevent the compost splashing onto the newly rendered wall and to help retain moisture.

Here are some pictures of the border a few weeks later in Spring; the Foxgloves at their best in early summer; and, lastly, the border at the end of October with the tender purple Salvia Amistad still in full flower.


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