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Big Bargain Flower Bed

In May 2015, I planted an area that runs from the far wall of the garden and up the ‘woodland’ path to the Chiminea seating area. It was quite a big area that I knew would take a significant number of plants to fill.

I wanted to plant a wide range of plants that would give this area good all year round interest, but the problem was the cost!

However, a trip to the local garden centre soon came up with a solution. At this time of year, (mid May), garden centres often have mid season sales of plants including Rhododendrons, Magnolias, Azaleas, shrubs and herbaceous plants. For example, I purchased named Rhododendrons that were originally £30 for £5 – and some of them were even still in flower!

The soil at the top of this bed was very poor, so I dug in plenty of ericaceous compost for the acid loving plants and enriched the soil with lost of moisture retaining and enriching material. The planting immediately gave the bed structure and I was able to add plants to it throughout the season.

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