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Front Garden Transformations: The 12 Hour Makeover

12 hour garden makeover before & after

Set on a lovely estate just outside Basingstoke, I got a call to transform a small front garden.

It presented a number of challenges, its biggest being the dreadful state of the soil – a problem you often come across with new build houses.

The second challenge was to do the whole job in just one day – and it had to be ready to surprise the family on their return from work!

Here is the garden before I set to work…

The garden before work commenced

The soil was incredibly dense and compacted, so I had to dig in large amounts of compost, manure and organic matter.

With that done, it was time to enjoy the planting! As many of the houses on the estate had used topiary in one form or another, I used 6 box balls to give a sense of continuity and structure. I then used some fabulous acid green conifers to act as a backdrop to the bay window.

The rest of the planting consisted of the purple Hebe Midnight Sky, Azaleas, Aquilegia and the path was highlighted with a lavender hedge to attract bees and butterflies all summer long.

12 hours later, the new garden is unveiled

If your garden needs a quick fix, get in touch and be amazed at what I can do in just a day or two!

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