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National Gardens Scheme Open Day

All the months of planning, planting and pontificating had led to this day – and what an amazing one it turned out to be. The cakes were baked, the kettle was on and, most importantly, the garden was looking at its preened and pampered best!

From the moment the gate opened at 2pm, until the last guests left over four hours later, the garden was the true star of the show. No less than 196 people came through our garden gate and we raised an incredible £1,000 for the National Gardens Scheme charities. It was truly wonderful to welcome so many people to the garden and to be able to offer and receive so much help and advice.

For more information on the National Gardens Scheme and the work they do, please follow the link to visit their website

Comments from the Visitors Book

"A hidden treasure! A delightful place to sit and dream." Gill

"A beautiful garden, fab plants, very atmospheric." Tony & Gilly

"Gorgeous garden – very inspiring!" Steph, Ingrid and Caroline

"Lots of inspiration for us here! Made me feel confident that I can do something with my garden." Elinor

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