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3 Planting Projects and Makeovers Completed in 7 Days!

Yes, it’s that time of year! I was all over W5 last week with no less than three projects to be completed in 7 days. Organisation was the key and, thankfully, it all came together nicely!


The first garden, (which you can see below), has 2 'L' shaped beds that the owners were keen to get planted ready for the summer.

Having discussed the type of plants they liked, I produced a a pictorial list of plants with each plants' growth and flowering period for the owners to choose from.

They decided on a largely 'cottage garden' style of planting that would give them a really good season of colour, as well as some evergreen structural interest that comes into its own during the winter months.


The next garden took me to Hanwell where the client wanted a much more tropical feel.

This garden was looking tired and neglected and needed a complete makeover. We agreed that the garden was a natural social space with its many seating areas, but it needed to look good so it could be used for twelve months of the year.

I planted dwarf fan palms each side of the two main beds which give the garden an instant feeling of tropical drama. Cordylines, both green and red & yellow, were then added to give the beds further structure.

Finally, I infilled the beds with a vibrant selection of Mediterranean planting, including the evergreen shrub Polygala whose purple blooms flower for up to 10 months a year!


The third garden was for a client for whom I had previously transformed their rear terrace into a tropical oasis.

Ridley Road narrow front garden transformation by the Distinctive Gardener

This front garden presented a small challenge, both for working within a tight budget and for its compact size.

I budgeted for a new bespoke fence and gate, as well as new paving for the path. The fence was painted a dark grey, which always packs a punch and gave the impact that was required.

I also painted two unsightly meter boxes black, which helped immensely to make them less obtrusive. This is a great tip for drawing the eye away from anything in a garden you don't want to be seen!

The planting was kept simple, with white Hydrangeas, ornamental grasses and long-flowering Salvias.

Ridley Road narrow front garden transformation

As there was no space for doors to open with a covered bin store, on my advice the clients plan to cover the bins in foliage printed wheelie bin full length stickers that can be purchased on the internet. They really do help to disguise the bins and will add a fun element to the overall design.

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