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Contemporary Courtyard Garden

Stylish Clovelly Road Garden Transformation by the Disitnctive Gardener

Contemporary courtyard garden transformation

"Nick... the garden is changing and growing every day before my eyes... you have created a beautiful haven for me to enjoy every day. Thank you for this wonderful creation." Sunita W5


I was so excited to plant this amazing contemporary large courtyard garden that had been designed in conjunction with its owners. There is often a temptation with strong contemporary designs to plant in a minimal way. This can work brilliantly if done well, but the owners of this garden wanted me to soften the design and create a real oasis of calm and beauty with a softer style of planting.

To take advantage of the stunning large full height windows on the first and second floor of the house, the planting had to look as good from above as at ground level.

Clovelly Road Garden Modern and Contemporary by the Distinctive Gardener

With this in mind, I used majestic tree ferns to act as focal points of the design and under planted them with evergreen Heucheras, Euphorbias and Buxus balls. In the top left hand corner of the garden, hardy banana plants further enhance the lush exotic feel of the garden.

Although the garden is in north facing, I was able to further enhance the design with a wide range of shade loving flowering plants that will give the garden colour and interest for 12 months of the year.

Clovelly Road Garden shade loving plants and underplanting

As you can see in the photo below, the planting looks fantastic at night when the plants cast wonderful shadows around the garden, thanks to the installation of a comprehensive outdoor lighting system.

Clovelly Road Garden at night, with lighting features and ferns

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