Garden videos

Take visual tours through some of my latest gardening projects and see the flowers come to life.  It's also an opportunity to view my personal award-winning garden close up as it transitions seasonally.

This large south facing London garden has a stunning terrace at its centre, with dining and seating areas as well as a wonderful bespoke outdoor kitchen unit. Privacy and shade has been created with the planting of mature trees and the terrace also has a sense of enclosure, thanks to the full planting style in the beds that surround it. There is also a gorgeous secluded fire bowl area that leads to the impressive garden room. 

This vast garden is divided into three distinct areas for every member of the family to enjoy.  Featuring a wide dining terrace for entertaining, a generous stretch of lawn for fun and games, and a secluded seating area complete with fire bowl, this is a garden that can be enjoyed all year round.

This low-maintenance, north-facing garden was designed to be an extension of the home, an entertainment space with a light and airy Mediterranean feel, inspired by the garden owners' love of travel.

We created 3 distinct zones in this suburban garden to benefit all the members of the family. There's an attractive seating area and patio to the front for the adults to enjoy without being disturbed by the (now partially hidden) kids' trampoline at the rear of the garden. Our final zone is dedicated to the family's pet rabbits, with plenty of space for them to stretch their legs. 

Even the smallest of gardens can be transformed into something magical. Explore our latest garden design, a secluded, evergreen space that's not only peaceful and relaxing (as well as low maintenance), but also incorporates the clients' home office.

This lengthy suburban garden gets the Distinctive Gardener treatment as it flows seamlessly from the spacious kitchen diner. The space is broken up into four specific zones that provide areas for relaxation and entertainment, with a secret summerhouse and BBQ area to the very rear.

Even the smallest of front gardens can be beautiful and still practical. In an urban environment where space is a premium, see how we transformed this west London space with an attractive storage solution and an eco-friendly twist.

This large contemporary garden in west London was transformed with a majestic pergola centrepiece, in order to create an entertaining and relaxing space for all the family that flows seamlessly from the house.

The brief was to create a garden that would reflect the classic and contemporary interior design of the owner's wonderful home. The visitor enters the garden via a wide limestone path, edged with Cotswold buff gravel that gives an even greater sense of width to the path. A contemporary shaped path takes the visitor on a journey past two rectangular beds that are planted for year-round interest. 

This front garden was designed with a theme of circles and curves, which were reflected in both the landscaping and the planting. The large curved main path, which uses traditional materials to reflect the property’s Edwardian façade, takes the visitor on a journey past beds planted with evergreen structure and year-round colour. 

Still bursting with colour and interest, my October garden is enchanting- even this late in the season. Here I also revisit and compare how the North Facing London Garden with a Circular Lawn and the Contemporary Courtyard Garden have developed and evolved thanks to the distinctive planting and design. 

Earlier in March, I made the most of this compact north-facing garden to create a contemporary space with the perfect balance between relaxing and entertaining.  Read more details in my blog>>

The garden in autumn 2018

An unseasonably warm spell in autumn has seen my London garden flourish with a spectacular display of autumn florals.

A tour of one of my garden transformation projects from September 2016, as it is revealed to the happy owner.  Read all about it in my blog >>

A behind the scenes video of when my garden was opened to the public summer 2016 as part of the charitable National Gardens' Scheme.  See the dedicated blog post for coverage of this event here.

My garden, spring/summer 2016

Listen to the soothing music as we wander through my parterre garden and into the shady woodland, seeing the thriving plants and beautiful blooms of early summer.  

My garden, early autumn 2016

It is the end of September and the garden takes on a wonderfully relaxed and mellow feel in the autumn sunshine.

It's summer and the garden is in full bloom.  Watch this mesmerising tour of colour and surprise as the summer season brings out the very best of the garden.