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Compact Contemporary Garden with Garden Studio


With dimensions of only 11m long by 5m wide (including the studio), this West London terraced property was a little garden with big ambitions! Not only did we have to solve the considerable drop from the back of the house to the garden below, but we also had to incorporate a seating and dining area, a dedicated BBQ kitchen zone, and a full-sized garden studio.

The existing decking area off the patio doors not only projected too far into the precious garden space, but also created a barrier between the house and the start of the garden. The solution was to create a series of wide limestone steps with raised beds each side. This then brought the planting much closer to the house and the floor to ceiling windows of the kitchen diner.

Garden view from shady tree fern

Above is the view from the house, with the Tree Fern in the left hand bed providing valuable year-round privacy from the rear properties, and the two evergreen trees in the right hand bed offering further privacy from the houses in the distance.

Garden view to house from dining table

Looking back from the new dining area (above) to the limestone steps and the raised beds that now bring the garden so much closer to the house.

Garden view of dining terrace and studio building

The lower part of the garden (above) is home to the dining area and studio, which is clad in a gorgeous black matt material to ensure it does not dominate the space and blends more into the background.

Garden terrace dining area and studio building

The base for the studio (above) is actually set at a lower level to the terrace in order to maximize the internal head height for the studio, and also, to comply with the 2.5m overall height limit for all external structures.

The studio, which has been beautifully interior designed, is used by all the family for chilling out and watching movies.

Even in a small space, it’s the plants and trees that are essential to any design’s success. In the case of this garden, the trees provide much-needed privacy, and the under planting (above, left) allows the visitor to feel enclosed on all sides by fabulous foliage and colour. The cushions on the sofa (centre) and the multi-stemmed Olive tree in its over-sized pot (right), bring both fun and drama to the space.


So, if you would like to take your garden from this to this….

Why not get in touch…..?


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