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Contemporary Courtyard Garden with Raised Beds and Secluded Terrace

"Nick and Doug - we are thrilled with our beautiful new garden. Thank you so much for helping us realise our very own dream garden . Inspirational, creative design and planting - all our friends and family are hugely impressed. It's been a joy to work with you both" - Judy & Ken


With the addition of a stunning kitchen extension to their Teddington end of terrace home, our retired clients wanted a low maintenance garden that truly reflected the extension’s straight contemporary lines.

The architects (Architecture WK @archwk) had not only created the most wonderful light-filled internal space, but also extended part of the kitchen out into the garden with floor to ceiling frameless windows.

With this amount of glazing, the garden is in effect the fourth wall of the extension, and a year-round stunning backdrop to the kitchen diner.

Whilst our clients wanted a garden that was easy to maintain, they also wanted to be surrounded by plants and trees. With that in our minds, we designed a garden that has a sunken terrace enclosed by four large raised beds.

Although only slightly lower than the limestone paving, this does create the desired effect of enhancing the feeling of enclosure and seclusion. Two of the beds are planted with Amelanchier trees, which create dappled shade during the hot summer months, whilst the other two beds have ornamental shrubs under-planted with evergreen and seasonal interest.

At the base of the raised beds we have planted evergreen ferns, Bergenias and spring flowering Violets.

We chose Dutch pavers for the sunken terrace, as they are a great contrast with the limestone paving and also give this area a more relaxed, rustic feel.

To the rear of the garden, hidden behind a venetian-style fencing panel, is a garage accessed via a path and step. We set this panel a metre or so in front of the garage to allow space for the bin and household storage.

With our clients keen to be in, or looking out at their garden both day and night, we installed a lighting system that creates a magical atmosphere once the sun has set. To create a focal point, we installed a corten steel decorative panel near to the terrace that is backlit and looks stunning at night.

Being able to access the terrace from different points through the raised beds also adds another point t of interest to the space.


So, if you want your outside space to truly reflect the architecture of your home, maybe you too would like a garden that could go from this….

To something like this…..

Why not get in touch to see how we can create the garden of your dreams?


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