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Fabulous Family Garden with Lawn and Terraces

"Thanks to Nick and Douglas, our garden has become an extra room of the house, that we enjoy all year round. The whole design process was straight forward and enjoyable. We discussed how we planned to use the garden such as different zones for seating, dining, and planting areas. After the initial discussions, the first design plans were produced. They were very impressive, combining our ideas and preferred styles with aspects we hadn’t considered. An easy to maintain garden was a key attribute and was achieved by a combination of a fully automated watering system and selection of suitable plants.

The landscapers Nick and Douglas recommended were great, very friendly and efficient in getting the work completed in a timely manner. They were able to take care of everything from fencing, paving, irrigation and routes for lighting and ethernet cables. In terms of finishing touches the outdoor wood burner they recommended has proven to be a hit and has meant we have been able to enjoy the garden late into summer evenings and even in the winter. The fire area has been great for entertaining friends and family or having the kids cosy up and read during a cold winter night.

We would recommend Nick and Douglas to anyone thinking of having their garden redesigned." Hannah & Ed W5


When Doug and I first visited this garden, there was one big obstacle that could not be ignored – a large sloping driveway that was taking up a large part of the space. The clients were ready to see this go, as we had designed their front garden a few years previously that gave them the off -street parking space they so needed.

With the removal of the sloping drive and the extending of the large raised bed to the full width of the garden, the garden immediately became a much more usable space.

As you can see in the image above, we created two terraces, the top terrace running the width of the garden and a second long terrace running down the righthand boundary. To the other side is a lawn, large enough for ball games and play for the family’s two children.

The top terrace (above) is the main seating area, with chairs and sofas, as well as an outdoor wood burning stove. Our clients just love being outside and spend many nights (both summer and winter) with the children enjoying the considerable warmth the stove produces.

As well as creating a step up to this terrace, we also used small Dutch pavers to give the terrace a different, rustic feel within, what is essentially, a contemporary design.

The rear border has a lush feel, with exotic-looking tree ferns, evergreen grasses and Phormiums. There are also pops of seasonal colour, with bulbs in the spring, Astrantias through the summer, and Ligularia in the autumn.

As you can see above, at the centre of the dining terrace is this impressive table and bench set that can easily seat 12. To provide extra privacy, we planted evergreen pleached trees in the bed that runs along the boundary. With the addition of the integrated lighting system, which is operated from an app on the client’s phone, the dining terrace is simply magical at night.

As with all our creations, it is the plants and trees that are such an integral part of the design. In this garden there are no less than 11 trees that give privacy, seasonal colour, and a home to birds and insects alike.

The planting in this garden had to be able to withstand the kicking of footballs and the lively duo of Bella and Ivy, the family’s much-loved cat and dog. So, we used robust flowering shrubs in the borders around the lawn, including Hydrangeas and Sambucus for structure, and evergreen ferns for ground cover. Around the terraces, a more delicate feel was created, using evergreen grasses Verbena and Santolina.

It is always good when we can add sensory elements to a garden design. Stepping stones made from the Dutch pavers leading from the terrace to the lawn are planted in between with Thyme, which emits a wonderful aroma when walked upon. The sound of running water from large zinc water feature on the dining terrace also adds to this garden’s relaxing vibe.


From this:

To this:

We hope you will agree that, whilst accommodating the needs of both children and pets, you can still have a garden that all the family and their friends can enjoy – day and night.


Why not get in touch to see how we can help create the garden of your dreams?


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