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We've received such amazing feedback from clients for the many projects we've undertaken since launching the Distinctive Gardener.  

Rhoda & Andy, W4

"Working with Nick and Doug has been an absolute pleasure. They have truly created a beautiful garden that our whole family can enjoy throughout the year.

I love that they really took the time to understand us as a family. They listened to all of our visions, including our children’s, as to how we would like to use the space. It was evident that they genuinely cared about creating a garden that would reflect our personalities and meet our needs.

On a practical note, despite working to a tight schedule, project management was first class with milestones happening on target no matter the weather. Budget estimates were accurate and costs were clearly explained up front. The degree of professionalism shown here is no small achievement.

The variety of spaces they have crafted in our wrap-around garden is simply outstanding. They have managed to combine traditional British with a bit of Asian so elegantly. They have also created a wildlife area for my nature-loving son. What truly is amazing is that there isn't a single space in our garden that resembles another.

Nick and Doug, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for creating this beautiful garden. It has become an integral part of our family life, a place where we will make so many memories. Your creativity, passion, and genuine care have made this journey a truly remarkable one. We feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to work with both of you."

Sue & Steven, SW14

"Working with Nick and Doug was like a breath of fresh air. We had a ‘so, so’ garden which we only ever looked at from the kitchen, and in no time at all, they turned it into a fabulous living space which we have used all the time over the summer. Not only is it a joy to look out at from the kitchen, but it’s a wonderful place to sit in and entertain, whilst the person cooking doesn’t feel excluded.

They were very collaborative on the designs and our needs, and met any suggestions with enthusiasm. Also, I couldn’t believe how quickly everything was done - it all seemed effortless (although I’m certain it wasn’t!) and everyone was very tidy, dedicated and personable.

To add to this, they are genuinely lovely people with a great sense of humour who clearly love what they do. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again. "

Simon & Claire, TW1

"Nick and Doug made redesigning our garden completely hassle free and the end result is incredible. They hit every single point of our design brief first time and then delivered the results quickly, efficiently, on budget and to the very highest standards. They have been great to have around and we cannot wait to see how the garden grows and matures over the years - a great investment, thank you!"

Wendy & Alex, W4

"We presented Nick and Doug with quite a challenge — turning a boring, unused garden into a modern family escape that would still be in keeping with our historic London home.

They certainly delivered: the garden incorporates traditional English garden elements well suited to the brick facade yet has the outdoor kitchen, pond-like pool and colourful plants on our wish list. We love the thoughtful layout and the attention to detail (echoing the flooring inside our home, for instance, and the evening lighting).

However, the standout has to be the layers and layers of gorgeous planting that have us looking forward to each new season. They were undeterred by some challenges particular to the site and were creative problem solvers throughout — a delight to work with. [They’ve done a really lovely transformation of the front garden as well.] Thanks to the Distinctive Gardener, we now spend countless happy hours in our beautiful, multi-functional garden."

Judy & Ken, TW9

"Nick and Doug - we are thrilled with our beautiful new garden. Thank you so much for helping us realise our very own dream garden . Inspirational, creative design and planting - all our friends and family are hugely impressed. It's been a joy to work with you both"

Hannah & Ed, W5

"Thanks to Nick and Douglas, our garden has become an extra room of the house, that we enjoy all year round. The whole design process was straight forward and enjoyable. We discussed how we planned to use the garden such as different zones for seating, dining, and planting areas. After the initial discussions, the first design plans were produced. They were very impressive, combining our ideas and preferred styles with aspects we hadn’t considered. An easy to maintain garden was a key attribute and was achieved by a combination of a fully automated watering system and selection of suitable plants.

The landscapers Nick and Douglas recommended were great, very friendly and efficient in getting the work completed in a timely manner. They were able to take care of everything from fencing, paving, irrigation and routes for lighting and ethernet cables. In terms of finishing touches the outdoor wood burner they recommended has proven to be a hit and has meant we have been able to enjoy the garden late into summer evenings and even in the winter. The fire area has been great for entertaining friends and family or having the kids cosy up and read during a cold winter night.

We would recommend Nick and Douglas to anyone thinking of having their garden redesigned."

Sarah & James, TW9

"From our first meeting with Nick and Doug we knew we were in safe hands! Doug and Nick worked closely with us to ensure all of our requirements, (and many more!), were incorporated into their design. The team they work with are all excellent and a pleasure to have around. One of the main things we wanted to achieve was that the garden felt like an extension of interior - and they certainly achieved that! It was, and continues to be, an absolute pleasure working with Nick and Doug - we can’t recommend them highly enough!"

Nazmin & Karim, W5

"Both Nick and Doug listened to us and really heard us. Sometimes people are just taking notes to ‘tick a box’ – but not Nick and Doug. From the colours of my wedding day flowers, to our love of Islamic Architecture, they did their research and came back with a design that ticked all the boxes!

In London we have all styles of houses and garden sizes – and most of them are not that big – but The Distinctive Gardener Team – do what it says on the tin– they design gardens of Distinction! I think, at first, I needed reassurance from Nick and Doug as I knew what I wanted – and luckily they knew what they had planned and could see it in the space – that is where their real magic comes in – they are visionaries of garden design – they can see a space and design a planting scheme to meet the needs of the client, whilst making the most of the space they have to play with.

I loved what they achieved in my rear garden so much that I asked them to design my front garden too! It is so beautiful and links the front and back gardens beautifully."

Emma & Michael, SW18

"Nick and Doug make a fantastic team and are an absolute delight to deal with. They both had great vision and ideas, pushing us to broaden our horizon but always taking into account our own style.

Many friends have commented that it looks like a garden from The Chelsea Flower Show. It is a haven of tranquility to sit on the terrace in the early morning sun with the paper and coffee and then, at the other end of the day, to gather friends under the pergola to enjoy a fire pit and music.

We wouldn’t change a thing and are thrilled with it. We could not recommend The Distinctive Gardener more highly. "

Marianna & Paul, NW6

"If there could only be one word to describe our garden, it would have to be WOW! We didn’t really know what we wanted in the garden, except that we wanted it to look amazing! We have two little girls, we love entertaining our friends, but what we are not is gardeners, and therefore we needed something easy to maintain. Nick and Doug reassured us that they were going to deliver just that.

They took onboard all our concerns and came up with ideas that we could never have done on our own. Suddenly we have the most wonderful garden, cleverly split into play, dining and relaxing areas.

It’s fair to say that within the first month we spent more time in our garden than in the previous 5 years. It looks beautiful during the day, while lighting and heaters make it inviting after dark, even on cooler days. Nick and Doug have created for us a space that we absolutely love, and has completed our family home."

Lucy & Paul, W3

"So pleased with our new front garden – thank you Nick and Doug! The perfect blend of the contemporary and traditional with some stunning yet low maintenance plants to boot. We love it – thank you!"

Noreen & Fawad, W5

"We knew that our little garden needed a make over we just didn’t know what, how and who would do it. Fortunately, we met Nick and Doug. During our first conversation I already had more of an idea of what I wanted and didn’t want – they are very good at that!

We swiftly came to a design which was simple, practical and gave us what we needed; a cooking area, seating area and some soft green space. Doug and Nick chose all the plants and we trusted their decisions. There were many other decisions along the way for which we took their advice and suggestions. We were away for the last two weeks of the work and when we returned it was non-stops ‘wows!’ We now have a whole new room in the house which we all love. We are very grateful to Nick, Doug and the landscaping team for the transformation of our garden which will give us pleasure for many years to come."

Ruth & Colin, W7

"Quite simply we love our new garden! We cannot thank Nick and Doug enough for what they have achieved. They were an absolute joy to work with- they are extremely modest and unassuming and very amusing- and we almost didn’t want the work to finish as it would mean they wouldn’t be with us quite as much! Nothing ever fazes them- their "can-do" approach is inspirational. Creative, sensitive, imaginative, perceptive and great listeners, they also have great style! Passionate and enthusiastic about their work and determined to make sure that the garden would be completed to the highest of standards, and within budget, we had complete faith in them and it was absolutely deserved. When we started, we wanted just the back garden to be transformed. Now that’s been achieved with such style we’d love them to sort out the front garden and then the whole house too please!"

Meghan & Don, W6

"Nick and Doug have done an incredible job changing our backyard from an uninspiring and impractical gravel pit full of weeds and spiders to a beautiful outside living room.

The designs they came up with were a blend of our brief and their creative ideas. They introduced us to a completely new way of looking at the layout that would never have occurred to us, making the garden much more spacious and multi-use.

The build went perfectly smoothly and all the project management and permitting was handled for us. We're continuously delighted by new blooms in every corner as the seasons change, and they even incorporated a spot for growing fresh veg. We've so enjoyed having our meals and working from our new garden over the last few months!"

Liz & Robin, W13

"Nick and Douglas are true magicians who have taken our brief and run with it to create a front garden so wonderful that I still walk through the gate thinking ‘Oh wow, I live here!’

From start to finish they are the dream team who listen and enhance, create and delight, entertain and astonish. We now have a garden that lifts and lightens the whole front of the house and that contains so many beautiful colours, shapes and textures. Thank you so much Nick and Douglas and team for the years of pleasure this will bring – you are total treasures as anyone working with you will discover."

Steph & Pontus, W5

"We had been meaning to revamp our rather boring back garden for a few years but had simply not met the right design duo- until Nick and Doug walked into our lives!

From start to finish our Distinctive Gardener experience was seamless - the overall attention to design detail, the best construction team and the perfect, lush, low-maintenance planting. We did not have to worry about a single thing because the project management was impeccable. This was extra important to us because we both have busy jobs. The result is
the ultimate "extra room" which this summer has proved to be both a user-friendly, (and C-19 compliant!) entertainment space and also a relaxing haven for us. We are delighted!"

Tim & Fiona, W4

"We gave Nick and Doug the challenging brief of tripling our living and entertaining space, in a modestly sized garden, whilst maintaining the kids' playing space and a parking spot for our car. They managed tosquare off these requirements and deliver a beautiful planting scheme that draws in bees and other pollinators all year round.

Through original selection of materials, they have ensured that the landscaping is stylish, functional and sympathetic to the natural look we sought. In use, the garden has become an additional room to the house - a place to have a quiet coffee, a family meal or to entertain friends. Throughout, Nick, Doug and their whole team have been a pleasure to work with, ensuring not only that our wishes, but also their own high standards were met"

Gabrielle & Richard, London SW18

"We did not want the front of our home to just be a place for the car, we wanted to have a lovely garden too!

Nick and Doug have given us a gorgeous front garden full of flower and interest.

The cheerful planting has been admired by so many and has given us so much pleasure during lockdown"

Gabrielle & Richard, London SW18

“Before I write this, have you seen the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures? I’d like to say that they speak for themselves. And they do in terms of images but they come nowhere close to helping you understand how this garden has transformed our lives and what a total joy the journey getting here has been.

At our first meeting, Nick arrived in a mustard yellow corduroy jacket and flat cap and I knew we’d get along instantly. We talked through what my husband, kids (all four of them ranging from 13-30 years of age), two cats and beloved dog, Truffle, wanted and both Nick and Doug grasped the brief within minutes. As a designer myself, I knew we spoke the same language and without fail, every single detail we discussed and many we didn’t, took shape. From auto cad designs, to samples to flawless project management, it took five weeks to achieve magic.

Whilst I know quite a lot about interiors, I know less than nothing about plants so I put my complete trust in Nick and Doug to choose the planting and, as many of my friends have said, the result could well have been seen at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. And they are far from wrong. I peer out from my kitchen window each morning and pinch myself with delight. Whether it’s a day spent by the BBQ, in the soft area with a G&T or roasting S’mores on the fire pit, we just can’t get enough of our beautiful garden that blends in with our environment, both inside and out.

Nick and Doug are creative, talented; they are passionate and above everything, they are wonderful, humble, delightful and caring men. They are joyous to be around and I hope they continue to visit our garden, and us, for many years to come. As another testimonial said, “I miss them already…”

Thank you always, Nick and Doug. Can’t wait for our special garden ‘christening’.

Jane & Chris, London W13

"Nick and Douglas transformed our very boring back garden into an amazing spectacle. We now have a patio, artificial lawn for our dog and grandchild to play on, and a lovely seating area at the bottom of the garden.

Their choice of plants was incredible - colours, varieties and types of flowers and foliage. The amount of wildlife the garden now attracts is wonderful! We would recommend Nick and Douglas to anyone wanting to redesign their garden."

Sarah & Kevin, London W3

"We are so thrilled with the garden that Nick and Douglas have created for us. It’s been totally transformed, from a rather unkempt and unloved space in which we rarely spent time, to an inviting and inspiring additional ‘living room’.

We were probably gloriously vague with our brief - the chief requirements being storage large enough to house several bikes plus a booze collection, and some insect friendly plants...

We left it to Nick and Douglas to weave their magic, which they duly did, conjuring up a design both practical and inventive, cleverly addressing the external constraints and considering the flow and look of the house.

The result is a garden which is a delight to be out in but which we know is also going to be a joy to look out on throughout the year. Nick and Douglas have managed to create different themed areas and moods within a relatively small space.

The plants are just fabulous, a real riot of colour and interest, and already proving popular with bees and butterflies, which is such a delight. And the inspired lighting design means we can enjoy our garden long into the night.

Passionate, enthusiastic, caring, can-do and conscientious, Nick and Douglas have been a pleasure to deal with, from start to finish. Not only are we delighted with the result, their expert project management means it’s also been a thoroughly happy process. Indeed, we are missing them already..."

David & Julie, London W5

After deliberating for nearly ten years on how to update our rather dark and gloomy garden, it was wonderful to meet Nick and Douglas. They calmly and effortlessly guided us through the whole process to help us achieve the garden of our dreams.

We enjoyed each meeting with Nick and Douglas and felt confident in their highly professional and creative approach to everything. Their final design for our garden was brilliant in that it contained all our shared ideas plus that extra inspired vision.

The physical processes of landscaping, laying the irrigation system, adding new lighting systems and planting all happened quickly and amazingly stress-free. All the family agree the garden is now the best room in the house. We highly recommend Nick and Douglas to all."

Louisa & Jean-Luc, London W7

"Our garden suffered terribly over the last few years due to various building works and once they were all completed and with the children more grown up we were desperately in need of a total garden makeover.

Whilst we had some ideas for what we wanted, we lacked the vision and knowledge of how to pull it all together. We met with a few different designers but until our meeting with Nick and Douglas we didn’t feel confident that they totally understood what we wanted to achieve.

The whole process was managed brilliantly and the transformation was completed in just a few weeks from signing off on the design. The planting is fabulous and we have enjoyed watching the garden evolve as spring became summer and more delights revealed themselves.

Having never previously used a design service on any of our many home improvement projects we would highly recommend Nick and Douglas who proved they were worth their weight in gold for their project management skills, imaginative ideas, plant knowledge and general all round loveliness!"

Lee & Tamsin, London W5

"We needed a garden design that could combine an aspiration for clean contemporary lines on the one hand, with a desire for a romantic, cottage garden on the other; a space that could transform as children become teenagers, but for now, still house a trampoline, somewhere adults could unwind and where rabbits could relax!

Nick and Douglas are accomplished and knowledgeable designers who obviously enjoy their work. They have stacks of good ideas, an infectious enthusiasm and are easy to get along with, ‘can do’ people. They are also efficient, fast-working, great project managers - all on time and on budget.

They took our confusing brief and have created a lovely garden that hits all our criteria while having a coherent design, easy maintenance and beautiful planting. We love the result!

Our garden is utterly transformed, feels so much bigger and has become another room in our home, which we’ve thoroughly enjoyed during this wonderful summer. We are all delighted - adults, teenagers, children and rabbits! It’s been a pleasure to work with Nick and Douglas, such a charming pair!"

Charlotte, London W13

“Nick and Douglas have done a wonderful job with our front garden. Our brief was to lift our drab bungalow frontage and really bring a garden to the front garden rather than a glorified parking space.

We have very limited knowledge of gardens but Nick and Douglas came up with designs and ideas that are really working. The work and team was extremely efficient and managed really well by Nick and Douglas to the set budget we had discussed.

We get pleasure from the lush garden which is growing and improving every day and have had so many compliments and admiring glances. I would have no hesitation in recommending them”

Claire & Sean, London W5

"The brief we gave Nick and Douglas was to extend our home into the garden and create separate outside spaces where we could dine, relax as a family and entertain our friends. Their design did not disappoint and we are still amazed at how they transformed our long, narrow and unloved garden into such a beautiful place.

The planting scheme is imaginative and carefully thought out so the garden has interest in all seasons and looks great from any angle. The whole design and build process from start to finish was high quality, thoroughly professional and any issues were quickly resolved.

Most of all the experience was immensely enjoyable; you can’t help but be carried along by the genuine enthusiasm and passion that Nick and Douglas have for what they do. Thank you Nick and Douglas – you are such an incredibly talented team and we absolutely love our garden!"

Mamta, London W3

"I wouldn’t be exaggerating when I say Nick, Douglas and their team have created our very own Chelsea garden here in Acton W3. We are thrilled with the results. The whole process from design through to the construction was incredibly professional, fun and unobtrusive. They really took all of our comments and requirements on board. In particular, finding solutions to help with some of the noise pollution issues we have. The final design was a dream come true for us. Thank you Nick and Douglas, from a family who rarely used the back garden to one who are finding every excuse to be out there."

Emma & Brian, London W5

"We gave Nick and Douglas the brief of an eating/meeting room as we run a business from the garden office and enjoy family dinners outdoors.

My goodness, what they created in our small garden is a wonderful space where every single detail is beautiful to look at and use. Being in it makes us happy and content. We absolutely love it.

Nick and Douglas are a very special team, talented, intuitive, with an effortless understanding of gardens and an absolute pleasure to work with."

Justin, London W13

"Nick has transformed my dreary uninspiring garden into a beautiful oasis in west London. I now love spending time in and relish showing it off to friends and family! Nick is also utterly charming, dedicated and passionate about what he does, I can't recommend him highly enough"

Hannah & Ed, London W5

"From the moment we had our initial consultation we felt confident that Nick and Douglas had not only taken on what was important for us, but would also be able add their unique vision to our brief. Nick and Douglas's passion for what they do and their professionalism made the whole process smooth and very enjoyable. They provided regular communication during the design and building process and we are extremely happy with the results. We are already lining then up to design our back garden in a few years time!"

If you're looking for someone to transform your garden, or simply need help with its upkeep, why not get in touch to see how we can help you with your garden?

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