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June was also the month that The Distinctive Gardener Facebook page was launched. I have been amazed at not only the reaction to the postings, but also that within the first two weeks I had received two design commissions. Here are some of the most popular postings on Facebook in June.


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6 June at 09:49 ·

The Garden of England

We had a lovely weekend in 'The Garden of England'. Kent is so beautiful! Took this photo of a meadow full of buttercups. And what about these magnificent Red Hot Pokers!


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1 June at 13:58 ·

Planting Succulents

Sempervivums, or House Leeks, are brilliant, drought-tolerant plants that look fantastic in any garden. I have just planted up a load in terracotta pots to go on my windowsills. Use a good gritty compost to aid drainage. They take hardly any watering and are ideal for even the most reluctant gardener! Here I am planting them up and also with some of them potted up on an old pair of step ladders.


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7 June at 11:19 ·

Dark Aeonium

It's another beautiful day! The greenhouse won't be empty for long, now that all the summer bedding has been planted out, as I have already sown some white foxgloves for flowering next year and lettuce and tomatoes will soon be on the greenhouse staging. One tender plant I have just taken out of the greenhouse for the summer is this wonderful dark Aeonium. The intensity of the deep purple and the brightness of the green centres is stunning. They need little water and lots of sunshine, the perfect low-maintenance London 'statement' plant!


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9 June at 12:50 ·

Alnwick Rose

As we are now truly into the rose season big time, I just had to share this picture of the Alnwick Rose that I have growing in an old metal dustbin. You can just see my hand in the bottom left of the picture, which gives you an idea of just how big the flower is! There are a wide range of roses that will happily grow in containers and large pots - just plant them in an appropriate compost, feed and water well throughout the season.


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10 June at 09:13 ·

The Queen at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOUR MAJESTY! This is a picture I took of the New Covent Garden Flower Market exhibit at this year's Chelsea Flower Show. The amazing profile was achieved by layering groups of flowers in colour groups, forming wonderful tapestries of flowers.


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22 June at 10:18 ·

Teasing Georgia

Where is the sunshine? Thought this rose, which is called 'Teasing Georgia' might just brighten up your day! It's a great rose to grow up a tree and it flowers all summer long. I only planted it last autumn and even in its first season it's flowering beautifully.


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