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Front Garden with Curved Paths and Circular Beds

Elegant front garden with brick path

This is a front garden designed around a theme of circles and curves.  The large curved main path takes the visitor on a journey past beds planted with evergreen structure and seasonal colour.

Front garden with brick path
The generously sized borders allow for plenty of structure and seasonal interest.

We used bloc paving with red brick edging to give a rich, warm traditional look. This was also used on the path to the side gate, but we added extra interest to this path by laying the brick sets at one meter intervals across the path. 

Brick paving front garden
The path to the side gate also uses traditional bloc paving, with brick sets running across for added interest.

The design for this garden is based on circles and curves. There are two circular brick beds within the garden, the larger being to the right of the front gate, with the smaller being at the top of the path nearest to the house. The circular theme is completed within both beds with the planting of large Taxus baccata topiary balls at their centres. 

Circular brick flower beds
The two raised beds are planted with Taxus Baccata topiary balls at their centres and seasonal floral bedding

Bin storage is always a consideration in a front garden and in this design, the bin store is painted the same colour as the railings to give a sense of harmony. 

Garden with bike and bin store
The bin store is sited unobtrusively near the front boundary

The metal bike sculpture that appears to be leaning against the standard holly tree in the adjacent bed adds a fun element to the design. 

Bicycle garden feature ornament surrounded by flowers
Set within the planting, the bike sculpture is a great focal point.

As with many of our designs, low maintenance was key. This garden has an integrated watering system that ensures no additional manual watering is needed throughout the growing season.

Spring blossoming flower beds
Seen here in spring, the main bed is a riot of colour with red and white tulips, pink and red azaleas, the blue flowers of the brunnera, which has wonderful silver grey foliage later in the season

Below is a video tour of the garden shot shortly after its completion. 


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