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A Classic London Front Garden with Contemporary Touches and Victorian Tiling

"So pleased with our new front garden – thank you Nick and Doug! The perfect blend of the contemporary and traditional with some stunning yet low maintenance plants to boot. We love it – thank you!" - Lucy & Paul W3

The clients of this west London Victorian home wanted a front garden that not only reflected the home’s traditional facade, but also the contemporary elements of its interior.

We decided that, rather than just have a conventional tiled path leading from the gate to the front door, we would wrap the tiles around the entire width of the house, with a rectangle of large smooth cobbles as a centerpiece below the bay window.

We relocated the bins to the far corner of the front wall, where they are now largely hidden by the three half standard topiary trees that are planted in a bed behind the front wall.

The beds under the bay window and along the front wall are planted with mainly evergreen plants and shrubs with pops of seasonal colour that will create interest throughout the year.

We used contemporary slatted fencing on the far wall to give a sense of continuity with the modern design of the rear garden.

Doug and I really enjoyed working on this project and being able to deliver a distinctive design to our lovely clients.

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