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Large Contemporary Garden with Stunning Pergola

Watch the video - Large contemporary garden with a stunning pergola

"I wouldn’t be exaggerating when I say Nick, Douglas and their team have created our very own Chelsea garden here in Acton W3. We are thrilled with the results. The whole process from design through to the construction was incredibly professional, fun and unobtrusive. They really took all of our comments and requirements on board. In particular, finding solutions to help with some of the noise pollution issues we have. The final design was a dream come true for us. Thank you Nick and Douglas, from a family who rarely used the back garden to one who are finding every excuse to be out there." - Mamta

Garden in the sunshine

The garden in mid summer

With the build of their impressive kitchen diner now complete, there was only one vital element missing for our clients – an amazing garden, not only look out at, but also to enjoy! This family love entertaining and relaxing in equal measure, so we created a garden that not only has a stunning centerpiece, but also different areas for all the family to explore and enjoy.

Pergola terrrace at night

Pergola terrrace at night

At the garden’s centre we built a large contemporary pergola. Painted black, the pergola’s smooth sleek frame gives it a modern and sophisticated feel. Shown here at night (above), the dining area is lit by a large industrial style pendant lamp and heating is supplied by a concealed halogen heater, which is secured to one of the pergola's beams. The gentle sound of running water from one of two zinc water features further adds to the warm and inviting atmosphere.

The rear part of the garden is set at a lower level and is reached via a set of attractive stepping stones (below) that take the visitor past a large zinc water feature.

Stepping stones and water feature

Stepping stones and water feature

The steps are set within a gravel surround, mirroring the stepping stones on the higher level lawn and also at the lower level ‘woodland’ area found at the rear of the garden.

Entertaining area with fire bowl

Entertaining area early spring with fire bowl

Just before you reach the woodland border, warm cosy evenings can be spent around this large corten steel fire bowl (above). Set on a gravelled area partially sectioned off by graduated wooden posts (as seen on the right), it creates a distinctive focal point within the garden.

Full view of the garden

View of the garden from the rear mid summer with the tree ferns having burst into life.

Looking back towards the large sliding doors of the kitchen diner, you can see the full effect of the design (above). Three original Edwardian chimney pots, that once belonged to the house, add historical character to this contemporary garden.

Three large tree fern trunks will add drama and seclusion to this less formal part of the garden once they unfurl their wonderful fronds. The large rear bed also contains multi stemmed Silver birch, Acers and numerous perennials and grasses, planted to provide interest throughout the seasons.

The garden from the kitchen

The garden from the kitchen early spring

And here is the garden viewed from the kitchen diner, which, with its floor to ceiling sliding doors, really do help to bring the outside in. The garden becomes even more alive at night with a comprehensive lighting system designed to accentuate different aspects of the garden.

The garden at night

So we went from this:

The garden before

The garden before

to this:

... and just two months later!


If you're looking for your dream garden, why not get in touch with the Distinctive Gardener and see how we can help you? Based in west London W5, why not visit our contact page for more details.


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