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Super Shady Front Garden

From this…

to this…..

"Nick and Douglas are true magicians who have taken our brief and run with it to create a front garden so wonderful that I still walk through the gate thinking ‘Oh wow, I live here!’

From start to finish they are the dream team who listen and enhance, create and delight, entertain and astonish. We now have a garden that lifts and lightens the whole front of the house and that contains so many beautiful colours, shapes and textures. Thank you so much Nick and Douglas and team for the years of pleasure this will bring – you are total treasures as anyone working with you will discover." - Liz & Robin

This was a front garden that certainly needed some Distinctive Gardener magic! The garden is in deep shade for most of the day, but our clients did not want this to stop them from having a garden that would welcome visitors and delight the eye.

As shown above, we rebuilt a brick wall to run the width of the garden and made a central feature of the existing Magnolia tree.

We designed a gravel pathway to run three sides of the tree, with generously planted beds. The planting had to be able to cope with very deep shade and to give colour and foliage interest throughout the year.

The yellow limestone paving helps to keep a light and airy feel.

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