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Classic Style Front Garden with Evergreen Structure and Off Street Parking

This lovely front garden in Wandsworth, South West London, needed parking for 2 cars, storage for bins and recycling, as well as allowing enough space for planting that would ‘soften’ the space and create year-round interest.

Parking in London, as in many cities, is at a premium. However, where off street parking is essential, it is always important to use attractive, eco-friendly materials that enhance, and not distract, from the home’s façade.

In this garden we used resin bound gravel, that is totally water permeable. This material not only gives a clean, smart look, but also ensures that any rainwater immediately drains into the ground below.

To add variety and interest to the parking areas, we also used Dutch pavers for the stepping stones that connect with the path that leads directly to the front door.

This project was completed in late October, so only the evergreen planting can really be seen in these images. However, the garden will be full of colour from spring with tulips and narcissi, followed by a variety of summer and autumn flowering perennials.

The evergreen topiary and hedging, together with the two pots each side of the front door that are planted with Magnolia ‘Little Gem’, give the scheme an elegant, classical feel, throughout the year.

The wooden bin storage, which is made of the same timber that has been used for the boundary fencing, can be accessed via the parking area or the side gate. Two electric car charging points, (operated from the client’s mobile phone), have been installed behind the front wall.


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